+90 324 502 01 11 or info@trison-polymers.com
+90 324 502 01 11 or info@trison-polymers.com

About Us

Quality Policy

We aim to provide customers highest quality of emulsion polymer products supported by very effective before and after sales assistance. We operate incompliance with ISO 9001 quality management system.

Our Quality Control Laboratory ensures the consistent quality of our products beginning from entrance of raw materials till the dispatch of final products.
Within this framework, Trison Quality Control principles are as follows:

– Always aiming to fulfill customer needs, demands and expectations in the largest scale in order to maintain highest level of customer satisfaction.
– Analyzing customer feedbacks and transforming them to better know-how.
– Continuous improvement of product quality and fully commitment to quality system.
– Follow up closely the latest technologic improvements and develop machine pool continuously.
– Faster response to customer requirements.
– Well developed relations and close collaboration with provider companies leading to maintain cost effective and best matching equipments.
– Maximizing capacity use ratio in contribution to the country economy in terms of exports, employment.
– To engage all levels of employees in the process and products improvement efforts.
– To develop conscious, educated, open and analytical minded human sources, provide job satisfaction and self-improvement.